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What is a yeast infection

yeast infection
What is yeast infection - It can be awkward for many people to talk about yeast infections, particularly for women with whom the most common form of symptoms is vaginal. Since three quarters of women suffer from this condition, it is not something one should feel embarrassed about.

The cause of a yeast infection is the overgrowth of a fungus called Candida Albicans. Now this fungus was not picked up from somewhere, it is something that has always lived on you but in small numbers so it was harmless. However several factors can cause the fungus to grow, such as a depletion in good bacteria, a weak immunity, hormonal imbalance and so on. This leads to a condition, most commonly for women in the vagina as it is the ideal place for one, as it is moist, warm and dark.

First of all since the vagina is such an ideal moist and warm area for the fungus to overgrow and cause infections, make sure you maintain excellent hygiene practices, keep it clean and dry. When using products in that area like sanitary pads or tampons, be to use unscented. Chemicals will just upset the balance and worsen the infection. Also try to let the area breathe by wearing loose clothing and cotton panties.

Dealing with the root of the yeast infection, is the only way to permanently cure it.
But there are also options in terms of soothing the symptoms, natural or over the counter/medicated. Severe infections do however need to be tended by a doctor.

For yeast infection in women the most obvious condition is that you have a fishy odor combined with a burning sensation and itchiness around the vagina. However, even if you are experiencing these symptoms it is worth consulting your doctor or health practice as this may relate to something else entirely.

1) Tea Tree oil is a very effective essential oil that has healing properties that include anti-fungal which fight a yeast infection. However tea tree oil is very potent on its own and ideally it should be mixed either with a carrier oil like olive oil or with rubbing alcohol. For this remedy just add some oil to some rubbing alcohol in a dropper bottle and shake to mix. You can use this once a day for 7 days and you should see results.

2) Garlic has very strong anti-fungal properties. You need raw garlic and you can use it like a suppository inserting a clove up the vagina and changing it every few hours for three days. You can also choose to mash up the garlic and apply like a thick cream or take garlic supplements

Apple Cider Vinegar This is effective because it helps restore the vaginal pH to one that the fungus does not thrive in. To use it just pour a cup or so into your bath water each night and soak in it for between twenty to thirty minutes.

If you look on-line or ask friends discreetly, everyone will know of one or two ways of treating a yeast infection at home, some have merits and some not so much. However what worked for them is not guaranteed for you so be prepared to try a few before you find one that works. Also keep in mind while some may swear by a remedy like yogurt, others may refute it.

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